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Frequently asked questions

The products in the MiYé range have been designed to be combined, we have even created discounted packs for this purpose. The only precaution to take with the detox elixir is that it is important to take it at a distance of 2 to 3 hours from the other food supplements because it acts as a chelator, i.e. it can eliminate part of the nutrients absorbed at the same time. Otherwise, in general, it is not recommended to cumulate different herbal food supplements without asking for advice beforehand, and to look carefully at the contraindications in the application advice, even if we carefully select the plants to minimize the contraindications (without phytohormones).

There are no contraindications in terms of risks of hormone-dependent cancers since there are no hormones or phytohormones in our products, as a precautionary principle.

Our plants, without phytohormones, have been carefully selected for their effectiveness and their harmlessness (minimum of contraindications).

However, in the event of taking heavy treatment, we recommend to you to ask the opinion of your attending doctor beforehand. Essentiels Sérénité is also disadvised in case of taking antidepressants.

All our products are certified organic and contain no essential oils, no limonene or linalool, no controversial ingredients or suspected endocrine disruptors. They are therefore all compatible with pregnancy.

As a precaution, rinse your breast before breastfeeding if you have applied the Happy Cycles Massage Body Serum.

As far as food supplements are concerned, no food supplements other than those prescribed by your doctor should be taken during pregnancy, a phase of life with very specific needs.

Yes, absolutely, our food supplement is specifically adapted for women in perimenopause (which can last up to 5 to 7 years after menopause!) and more generally to help the body to better regulate the hormones in phase of hormonal imbalance.

No, our food supplement contains only plants carefully selected to be effective on serenity and good mood, emotional balance, sleep, and hormonal regulation, with the minimum of contraindications. We have therefore avoided selecting plants rich in phytohormones as a precautionary principle.

No particular contraindication, because we have carefully selected, with our scientific committee, active ingredients on which we have experience and no contraindications to our dosages, by being more restrictive than the organic reference in the selection of our active ingredients. For example, we have eliminated perfumes such as limonene and linalool and essential oils to minimize the risk of allergies.
All our products have also been tested under dermatological and gynecological control.
However, in case of heavy treatment (hypothyroidism, cancer..) it is preferable to ask the advice of your doctor before using the food supplement. Also, we never recommend pregnant women to take any other food supplement than the one recommended by their doctor because the body has very specific needs at this stage.

It is a classic problem in winter when there is a lack of vitamin D3, which is why we provide 100% of the NRVs in our food supplements, but you can take up to 1500% of the NRVs in the form of a prescription/medication when you are suffering from a deficit. Supplementation in the form of quarterly ampoules (with a prescription) may be essential in this case, talk to your doctor. The ideal is to cumulate these ampoules with a daily intake.

No problem because our supplement is mainly based on adaptogenic plants, which will adapt to the specific needs of your body, and the doses of vitamins which act as co-factors allow you to cumulate catches with supplements of vitamin D and vitamin B6 or zinc without risk of overdose.
Concerning magnesium, our supplement Essentiels Sérénité already brings 60% of the magnesium contributions, thus decrease the dose of magnesium which you take beside. On the other hand, avoid cumulating with the catch of other plants without asking for a preliminary opinion, because certain plants have antagonistic actions (which cancel each other out)

You are right, unfortunately there is a bit of everything on the market of food supplements and this is a real problem! We have taken care to develop our products with a committee of renowned experts, but above all, we have been very careful to select complementary adaptogenic plants on which we have good experience, and without phytohormones as a precautionary principle. A few points of reference for choosing your supplements:

1/ Choose French brands distributed in France

2/ Check the dosage and titration of the plants

3/ Avoid supplements that contain too many plants (= less good dosages and more risk of interactions between plants)

4/ Do not hesitate to ask the brand for more details on the ingredients

Yes, our products are completely compatible with hormone replacement therapy. Concerning the food supplement Equilibre Féminin, it will even be particularly recommended and will contribute to support the liver in particular for a better degradation of the synthetic hormones.

We have made a long study on the ecological impact of the packs in France (because the impact is measured in relation to the recycling channels of the country concerned) and it turns out that today the type of plastic we have selected for our containers (pillbox and tube) is the best recycled plastic in the French recycling channels (as a reminder, plastic can be recycled several times, even if it does not recycle infinitely like glass). We have also chosen vegan, phthalate-free and light plastics, which also reduces the carbon impact of shipping. We are at your disposal to answer your questions because the subject of recycling is vast and complex, even if we would also dream of a world without plastic, and that there is unfortunately no ideal solution today.

We do not offer samples but you can test our products for free through our ambassador program.

Subscription formulas without commitment are available as an option with the purchase of our products, they allow you to benefit from advantageous rates on products to be taken as a program of several packs, which you will receive every month, 2 months, or every 3 months depending on the chosen formula.

The subscription is without commitment, you can suspend it when you want directly via your customer account, in your dashboard. You will also receive an email 1 week before the renewal of the subscription as a reminder, from which you can also stop or suspend your subscription.

All our products are compatible with breastfeeding except for the detox elixir (it is never recommended to start a slimming or detox program while breastfeeding because the toxins would be rejected in the mother’s milk), and the happy body serum cycles that must be rinsed before breastfeeding because it is not a food product.

It is absolutely not necessary to do a blood test or a hormonal assessment before taking our food supplements because we have very few contraindications. The most reliable hormone assays are those based on saliva (we have a dedicated article on hormone assays on our blog because it is a complex subject). In any case, we advise you to diagnose your hormonal profile on our site to learn more about the products best suited to your case.

Yes, you can take our products and the food supplement under contraception, there is no contraindication. On the contrary, hormonal treatments or contraceptives tend to “consume” nutrients that are essential for a good hormonal balance (especially vitamins and magnesium), so it is particularly recommended to supplement.
Moreover, the active ingredients in our Equilibre Féminin supplement, particularly rosemary, help to support the liver for better breakdown of synthetic hormones.

No, not at all, they can be used by men but they have been specifically adapted to the metabolism and to female problems. The cosmetic treatments, especially the hair serum, give very good results on men too.

It is assessed when you experience various symptoms such as fatigue, hair loss or bloating. An endocrinologist will be able to detect a potential imbalance through saliva or blood tests. Our hormonal diagnosis and product guide are additional tools to help you detect your sensitivity to hormones and how to counteract these imbalances.

We are not doctors or health consultants. We are happy to answer your questions but if a question is too medical, we will advise you to consult. We have a “partners” section with qualified partners on advanced questions around hormonal cycles. Our expert partners are also there to help you as needed, so don’t hesitate to contact them.

No food supplements other than those prescribed by your doctor should be taken during pregnancy. There is no risk in taking our food supplements during the preconception period, although you should be directed to specialized pregnancy supplements recommended by your doctor once pregnancy is detected.

All our products do not contain gluten and are not of animal origin.