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Tense breasts

Tense breasts and cyclical pains (pregnancy, before menstruation, perimenopause), try our natural products from green biotechnology.

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Before your period, during pregnancy or during peri-menopause (the months and years before menopause when your periods stop), you probably feel that your breasts swell and become tense, which gives you a feeling of discomfort. Breast pain and tightness are symptoms related to your menstrual cycle and hormonal changes. The end of the cycle is marked by a peak of progesterone that stimulates the mammary glands, in reaction your breasts will swell and become more sensitive. On the contrary, at the beginning of the cycle the progesterone level is low while the estrogen level increases until it reaches a peak. It is this increase that causes the breast ducts to widen, making the breasts sensitive and tense. To relieve this discomfort, discover our natural products, made in France and Vegan.