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Tense breasts

Breast pain is a common symptom associated with hormonal fluctuations in women. Whether before menstruation, during pregnancy or in the perimenopause period, find natural ORGANIC and Vegan solutions, formulated with antioxidant, decongestant and soothing active ingredients, designed to soothe areas sensitized and strained by hormonal variations (breasts, stomach, heavy legs).

As your period approaches, or during the perimenopause period, it’s common to experience swollen breasts accompanied by a sometimes uncomfortable feeling of tension. Breast pain and tightness are closely linked to your menstrual cycle and the hormonal fluctuations that accompany it. We offer a range of food supplements and skin care products specially designed to relieve the symptoms of tense breasts and stomach and heavy legs, often linked to an estrogen-related congestion.

Discover our organic and vegan products based on Ashwaganda, Melissa, Rosemary, Broccoli DIm, detoxifying plants, liposome Yam extract, licorice extract, arnica) to support you throughout your hormonal storms.

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