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Let’s (re)take charge of our well-being and our cycles, naturally.

Our Mission

“We want to help women navigate their hormonal variations serenely, thanks to natural products adapted to women’s metabolism. “

– Caroline and Anna, MiYé founders


Miyé, which means “the good friend” in Provençal, is dedicated to supporting women in their “hormonal storm” phases: premenstrual syndrome, after having a baby, after treatment or stopping hormonal contraception, in cases of endometriosis or PCOS, or in the 5 to 15 years of disruption surrounding menopause.

For over a year, we had the chance to talk to numerous experts committed to women (doctors, endocrinologists, micronutritionists, naturopaths, midwives, etc.) and hundreds of women, in order to develop green biotechnology products with scientifically tested efficacy.

“We created MiYé, which means “the good friend” in Provençal, a wellness brand adapted to women’s cycles, which provides expert, natural and caring support for women, with the minimum of contraindications, at key stages in their hormonal lives. We have developed a range adapted to the female metabolism to help our bodies naturally regain their state of equilibrium during these periods of hormonal disturbance, based on 3 main pillars: physical comfort, mental well-being, and the condition of skin and hair. “Caroline & Anna”

We want to pave the way for a new ecology for the female body, one that is more aware of our cycles, with a very strict charter that makes no compromises on either efficacy or eco-responsibility: active ingredients derived from green biotechnology, without controversial ingredients or suspected endocrine disruptors or risky phytohormones, tests under dermatological and gynecological control, care products certified ORGANIC or based on ORGANIC or VEGAN plants, eco-designed packs and 1% of sales donated to ARTAC, an association that studies the link between cancer and the environment.


75% of our hormonal balance depends on our lifestyle. We have developed a range of skincare products and dietary supplements that address the main symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women: physical comfort, emotional balance and skin and hair quality.

our ambition

Lifting the veil on female taboos that impact on quality of life, so that women can take back control of their hormonal well-being. But also to ensure that women no longer have to choose between efficacy, naturalness, safety and pleasure of use.


Anna and I have known each other for 25 years, and on the eve of our 40th birthday, we decided to take up the challenge of creating a start-up with a positive impact on women’s image, well-being and the environment. So we created MiYé, “the good friend” in Provençal, a range of natural skincare and micro-nutrition products to support women’s specific needs during their cycles or periods of hormonal decline.

Our challenge? To offer the best of green biotechnology in expert, certified organic products: adaptogenic plants, pre- and probiotics, concentrated natural extracts with proven efficacy… A range of skincare and micronutrition products combining performance and naturalness, adapted to women’s metabolism. For natural beauty that’s expert, uncomplicated, conscious and caring.


A natural & organic wellness enthusiast for over 15 years, and concerned about the invisible threat of endocrine disruptors to our health, my life’s journey as a mother and my 15 years’ experience in health/beauty and the development of cosmetics and dietary supplements have led me to ask myself many questions about the way women’s hormonal balance is addressed (or not). A veritable “toxic hunter” for those close to me, when friends asked me to recommend products for the hormonal imbalances they were experiencing, I couldn’t find anything very convincing in the natural & organic sector, and that was the trigger: my investigation began and led me to create MiYé.

ANNA's words

I’m convinced that women’s health can and must be reconsidered in a more natural and adapted way. By paying more attention to our sensations, emotions and cycles, we have everything to gain!
It’s also time to put an end to the taboos and preconceived ideas surrounding hormones and menopause, and develop appropriate solutions. At MiYé, we’re committed to supporting women in their search for well-being and natural, healthy alternatives for taking care of themselves. Together, we’re paving the way for a new ecology for the female body.



The problem with hormonal problems is that symptoms are too often confused with other causes. And women often take years to identify the root of the problem (PCOS, endometriosis, peri-menopause…) Yet hormones, our “body’s messengers”, have a direct impact on many of our metabolic functions, and are greatly affected by our current lifestyles: stress, pollution, diet, lifestyle…
Let’s learn to spot the symptoms of hormonal imbalance and react by treating the terrain rather than the symptoms in isolation.

Guide de l'équilibre



Find all our tips and videos from our experts (hormonal nutrition, hormonal yoga…) in our guide to hormonal balance, which will be sent to you in our welcome newsletter.

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Products adapted to women’s metabolism

We have developed a range of essential skincare and micronutrition products on subjects that are often taboo, yet have a major impact on quality of life. It may seem obvious, but women don’t necessarily have the same nutritional needs as men, especially at key moments in their hormonal lives. We have therefore carefully selected natural active ingredients to meet women’s specific needs as closely as possible. And the textures have been co-developed with a hundred female testers to meet their expectations as closely as possible.

Products with proven efficacy

With our holistic committee of experts, we have based our products not only on the most recent scientific publications, but also on natural active ingredients whose efficacy has been proven by clinical studies, and we have optimized the dosages and synergies of our natural active ingredients to maximize their effectiveness. Care products derived from green biotechnology, rich in adaptogenic plants, without controversial or allergenic ingredients (no perfumes or essential oils), without risky phytohormones, with proven efficacy from tests carried out under medical supervision.


Holistique comes from the Greek “Holos”, meaning “whole”, and maintains that the “whole” (body-mind link) cannot be reduced solely to its “parts” (e.g. symptoms). Our mission is above all to help you improve your “terrain” (mental & physical), and teach you to better decode your body’s signals to help your body naturally regain its state of balance. Let’s stop ceding power over such important issues as how our hormones work, and learn to (re)become the actors of our own health! We passionately believe that all women can play an active part in improving and maintaining their health, and we want to help women put themselves in the driver’s seat, quite naturally.

Organic and VEGAN active ingredients with a very strict development charter, no perfumes or essential oils, non-polluting processes (green chemistry), eco-designed packs and 1% of sales donated to ARTAC, the 1st association of doctors and researchers to have established a link between environmental pollution and cancer. And for the sake of transparency, you can discover our ingredients glossary, which details all our active and non-active ingredients.

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