Skin (discomfort, dry skin and blemishes)

Hormonal imperfections (cystic, around the jawline, at the top of the décolleté or back, inflammatory acne…), redness, skin spots, loss of density and dryness… what if it was hormonal?

Take care of your skin naturally with our natural, ORGANIC and Vegan products enriched with post-biotics: skincare products and dietary supplements adapted to all stages of life, from puberty to pregnancy and perimenopause, with no suspected endocrine disruptors.

Simple, effective routines for all skin types.

The appearance of pimples, microcysts and blemishes is very common before, during or after the onset of menstruation for some women.The skin is affected by the hormonal variations so characteristic of menstrual cycles.Hormonal imperfections in women can be accentuated by external factors such as stress, pollution or diet. But also dryness and loss of skin density and hydration, linked to estrogenic decline.

To help skin regain its state of balance in times of hormonal turmoil, we offer natural, gentle solutions adapted to all skin types, even sensitive, and to all stages of a woman’s life (pregnancy, puberty, menopause). Care products and dietary supplements based on active ingredients with recognized benefits (sea buckthorn oil, fatty acids, astaxanthin, succinic acid, oats, burdock) without suspected endocrine disruptors, and with a minimum of contraindications, tested under medical supervision.

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