Estrogenic dominance & hormonal detox

Irritability, chronic stress, tense breasts, mental fatigue… These symptoms are often linked to estrogen dominance. Discover natural ORGANIC and Vegan products, free from phytohormones and suspected endocrine disruptors, to restore hormonal balance and encourage your body to metabolize estrogen properly.

Estrogen dominance corresponds to a high level of estrogen in relation to other hormones. This excess can be the cause of a number of symptoms: painful periods, migraines, stomachaches, mood disorders, intense fatigue, chronic stress… Estrogen dominance can also be the result of heavy exposure to endocrine disruptors and/or xenoestrogens, which stimulate estrogen activity. That’s why MiYé products are formulated without phytohormones or suspected endocrine disruptors, to help you regain hormonal balance and physical and mental comfort. The use of active ingredients such as adaptogenic plants (Ashwagandha, Griffonia, Saffron, Rhodiola) and detoxifying plants (Broccoli Dim, Sulforaphane, Burdock, Desmodium, Nettle, Rosemary…) stimulates detoxification of the body while contributing to better hormonal regulation.

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