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Mastodynia, causes and solutions to relieve breast pain


How can hormonal cyclical breast pain be alleviated?

In medicine, breast pain in one or both breasts is also known as mastodynia. These pains can take different forms and have different origins. Find out more about the main causes and what to do if your breasts hurt.

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When we talk about mastodynia, we usually mean breast pain. Generally speaking, these chest pains occur as we approach our period and/or during our period. Breast pain is generally benign.

Only one breast may be affected (unilateral mastodynia), or both (bilateral mastodynia). Similarly, it is normal to suffer from breast pain during pregnancy or at the start of the peri-menopause or menopause.

These chest pains are not serious, but don’t hesitate to seek medical advice if you’re worried, as there are treatments available. Mastodynia can take different forms and can give rise to several symptoms, such as :

  • Tight, swollen and congested breasts (elongation)
  • Overly swollen breasts / hot breasts
  • Hypersensitivity, making the slightest touch painful
  • A feeling of breast tension

The main causes of mastodynia

In women, mastodynia appears mainly a few days before menstruation. These pains are mainly caused by hormonal fluctuations at this precise moment in the menstrual cycle. These can lead to congestion of the breasts to varying degrees.

Pre-menstrual breast pain is an almost common occurrence, and can take the form of tugging, cramping… In medical jargon, this is known as “hormonal mastodynia”, when the breast in question is tense and painful during the luteal phase, and then relaxes with the onset of menstruation. This phenomenon is observed in pre-menopausal women, who experience significant variations in estrogen levels.

This type of clinical manifestation also occurs in women taking oral contraceptives.
In this particular case, a change of pill is generally recommended. But it can also be a sign of hyperoestrogenism, in which case we need to look into the root causes and take care to detoxify circulating oestrogens with active ingredients such as broccoli extract standardized to 10 % glucoraphanins.


Hormonal mastodynia: what can you do if your breasts hurt?

Evening primrose oil, the beautiful yellow flower, is also known as “evening primrose”. Rich in gamma-linoleic acids, it is ideal for women suffering from premenstrual syndrome. It acts effectively on breast congestion, making breasts hyper-sensitive. Take one capsule a week or a month during the ovulation phase to relieve some of the pain.

Self-massage to relieve tense breasts

After showering, massage your breasts with the vegetable oil of your choice, or with our happy cycles body serum specifically developed to relieve breast pain (compatible with pregnant women). This encourages the flow of lymph, whose function is to cleanse the body, and whose proper circulation is essential for protection against infection. Self-massage also relieves congested breasts and stimulates blood circulation. Practically, gently draw small circles to form an 8 around both breasts, then use both hands flat to relieve them.

Adapting your diet

Adapting your diet to your menstrual cycle is a very good habit, especially if you suffer from breast pain. The right foods soften the hormonal peaks responsible for the pain and prevent water retention, which causes additional swelling. To this end, you replace cold meats, sweets (only dark chocolate is allowed, and in moderation) and other fatty or processed products with foods rich in essential fatty acids, such as fish, green vegetables and wholegrain cereals. Preferably, you replace caffeine, a vasoconstrictor that constricts blood vessels and increases breast pain, with green tea, cherry stem infusions or mate, which will do the trick better. Drinking beer or soy can potentially boost breast pain and hyperoestrogenism.

Star active ingredients for breast pain:

Draining agents : Ginkgo biloba, Centella asiatica

Hormone modulating agents: Yam, Evening primrose…

Relaxing agents : Arnica, Magnesium

Anti-inflammatory agents: Licorice extract, Turmeric

Discover our natural products to combat breast pain and tense or congested areas.

Douleurs mammaires

Which MiYé products are right for you?

Discover our natural products to combat breast pain and tense or congested areas.

To relieve breast pain, Happy Cycles Massage Body Serum is specially recommended for women suffering from menstrual discomfort, targeting sensitive and tense areas (breasts, stomach and heavy legs). It’s gentle on the skin and rich in decongesting, draining and soothing active ingredients (Yam liposome, magnesium, arnica, ginkgo biloba). It brings relief to sensitive areas when applied or massaged into the skin.

To enhance your feminine comfort and well-being, discover our feel good duo pack made up of our two natural, phytohormone-free food supplements specially developed to improve physical and mental comfort during periods of hormonal variation (mood swings, fatigue, irritability, stress, cravings, menstrual discomfort…).


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