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Skin (discomfort and hormonal acne)

Limit imperfections (hormonal acne, dull complexion, redness…) and microcysts before your period with products adapted to estrogenic dominance and hormonal detoxification.

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The appearance of pimples, microcysts and blemishes is very common as menstruation approaches, during the period or even afterwards for some women. The skin is affected by the hormonal variations so characteristic of menstrual cycles. This is called hormonal acne. A high level of hormones favors the secretion of sebum, which leads to a clogging of the pores and the development of pimples on the face. Hormonal acne can be accentuated by external factors such as stress, pollution or diet. To limit the spread of pimples, it is obviously necessary to avoid touching them but also to find adapted care. Discover our Vegan, natural and phytohormone-free products to take care of your skin.