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Anne Sophie’s menopause story

a look at the menopause...

My friend Clémence meets her friend Anne-Sophie for lunch and tells her about MiYé and her menopause…

Even if, like many, she finds the term MENOPAUSE not very well chosen, at least it has the merit of setting out a clear state of affairs.

She’s willing to talk about it, because to break a taboo, you have to start by naming it.

This summer, it was hot, very hot… even a heatwave!

But when Anne-Sophie returned to the cool of her stone house, she was still hot, with heat waves lasting almost 2 minutes…

So it’s not just the climate, it’s her body sending her a message.

How does she know? She has an older sister, 5 years her senior, who tells her it’s the menopause.

She goes to see her gynecologist, who confirms that she’s entering the pre-menopause period, which lasts from a few months to a few years…

So, unlike pregnancy, which is a hormonal movement with a beginning and an end, in this case it’s unique to each woman, so it’s an indeterminate period…

Anne Sophie is about to turn 50, meditates, does yoga iyendar, is happy and in love, so she’s approaching this period of her life with enthusiasm!

The advantage is also a rediscovered sexuality freed from procreation.

All she wants is support in dealing with the inconveniences: in her case, hot flushes and weight gain.

She also tells me about her changing body odor, which bothers her.

MiYé’s vocation is to put the spotlight on women like Anne Sophie,

And we’re working on natural products to help women navigate serenely through key life stages like menopause.

Do you have anything to share on the subject?

MiYé is a range dedicated to the female hormonal balance

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