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Yam, or wild yam, hairy dioscorea by its scientific name Dioscorea villosa, is a small tuber from South America.

It contains diosgenin, a natural precursor of steroid hormones, including progesterone. Diosgenin can be converted to progesterone in the body, which has led to Wild Yam’s reputation for its potential benefits on hormonal balance.

It was traditionally used by the Aztecs as an analgesic to treat pain associated with rheumatism, for example, but above all as a treatment for menstrual disorders.

Today, Yam is widely used to treat symptoms associated with the menopause: studies have shown that it acts as a natural modulator of cell receptors. During the menopause, hormone levels drop considerably, which is accompanied by well-known symptoms: hot flushes, insomnia, loss of libido, etc. Yam is said to have a welcome modulating effect on all these symptoms.

The liposome extract contained in MY Smoothing Body Massage Serum ensures optimal absorption and bioavailability for the skin.


  • Calms rheumatism and feelings of heavy legs
  • Can help calm peri-menopausal symptoms (loss of libido, hot flushes…)
  • Has an antispasmodic action during cycles

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